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Matthew Jorgensen is an artist of wide experience in multiple but related fields. He began his art career in comics and illustration when his work was brought to the attention of John Vulich, then the owner of Optic Nerve Studios. Mr. Vulich brought Matthew into the makeup effects field where he’s been fortunate enough to work on some very fun and top notch productions. His skills cover traditional drawing, painting and sculpting as well as digital painting (Photoshop) and digital sculpting (Zbrush). He has earned a World Fantasy Award for his illustration work and three Emmy Awards for makeup effects — and is always on the lookout for new challenges.

Matthew Jorgensen’s CV

Make-up Effects

WM Creations North Hollywood, CA
Supervisor, Lead Sculptor, Lead Painter, Fabricator
Sculpted, painted, designed and crafted various effects for:

Vampire Diaries
Boardwalk Empire
The Change-Up
The Back-up Plan
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Disaster Movie
Black Water Transit
Midnight Meat Train
In the Valley of Elah
Mr. Woodcock
The Omen
The Flock
Terminex (commercials)
X-Men: The Last Stand
Lunchables (commercial)

Stan Winston Studio Van Nuys, CA
Sculpted creatures and objects for:

The War of the Worlds (Feature Film)
Microsoft (print ad)
Liberty Mutual (commercial)

Ruth Carter (Costume Designer) Sun Valley, CA
Painter various armor pieces for:

Serenity (Feature Film)

Creature Effects Burbank, CA
Designer, Sculptor, Painter
Designed, created and painted creature and alien make-ups for:

The Pitts
The Tonight Show (co-created alien suits and created make-ups for skit
The Last Samurai (Feature Film) (co-sculptor of animatronic horse, stunt horses, designed, sculpted and painted breakable Japanese ceramics

Optic Nerve Studios Sun Valley, CA
Sculptor, Paint Supervisor, Fabricator, Foam Room Supervisor
Sculpted, supervised painting and supervised the foam room for

Babylon 5
Buffy the Vampire Slayer
The X-files
Crossing Jordan
Thumb Wars
Being John Malkovich (Feature Film)
Nike (Commercial)
Quantum (Print ad)
Isuzu (commercial)
Galaxy’s Wackiest Videos (Pilot Sci-Fi Channel)
Unlucky Souls (Short Film)

Todd Masters Studio Sun Valley, CA
Painted creatures for:

The Outer Limits

Graphic Design

Freelance PhotoShop/Quark/Illustrator

Designed Graphics for various companies
Vicki Sanchez Costume Design: re-designed portfolio, color corrected & retouched photos, designed Logo for Emmy Award winning costume designer
BMG Graphics: Designed ad layouts, Logos and color corrected & retouched photos for graphics company
Belfry Publishing: Designed covers for books and layouts for magazine, color corrected & retouched photos
JMFX: Designed logo, re-designed portfolio, designed brochure, color corrected & retouched photos for make-up effects company
Storyboards Online: Digitally painted pencil concept drawings for presentation boards


Point and Shoot & Stargate Films Sony/Sega

Design/sketch artist
Designed characters, costumes and props (under Art Director: Robert Miller) for:
Tomcat Alley
Surgical Strike


DC Comics New York, NY
Pencil Artist
Designed new characters and pencilled issues of:

Green Lantern
Star Trek: The Next Generation

Batman (covers)

Marvel Comics New York, NY
Pencil and Ink artist
Plotted stories and pencilled issues of:

What If …? (pencil art)
The Guardians of the Galaxy (pencil art)
The Savage Sword of Conan (pencil and ink art for stories and single illustration pin-ups)

Eternity Comics New York, NY
Designer, creator, pencil, ink, and color artist
Co-created, designed and created all artwork for:

The Emissary
X-Mutants (colored covers only)


Various Publications Europe/US
Color and B/W art
Provided cover paintings and b/w illustrations for:

Metal Hurlant (France – covers)
Lancio Story (Italy – cover, b/w illustrations)
Legendaria (England -- b/w illustrations)
Iron Crown Ent. (covers)
West End Games (cover, b/w illustrations)

Transcom Media New York, NY
Designer/storyboard artist
Designed characters, backgrounds and storyboards for:

The Galaxy Rangers (animated TV show – one season)

Bruce Martin Studios New York, NY

Provided storyboards for a variety of TV advertisements


World Fantasy Award (B/W Illustration Autumn, in Lancio Story)
Emmy Award (with Optic Nerve) for The X-Files
Emmy Award (with Optic Nerve) also for The X-Files
Emmy Award (with WM Creations) for John Adams

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